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Inspiration. Independence. Integration.

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Young Person Testimonials


"When I first came to the club I felt instantly at home and assimilated into the group because of the warm welcomes I received from the CASPA staff and members. Over the few years that I have attended CASPA, I have built good friendships and have rediscovered a number of friendships from primary school. The club has given me new hobbies, such as jewellery making and is generally a good place to 'hang out' and chat with a relaxed atmosphere. This is especially true of the trips and activity days run in the summer such as horse riding and the useful Saturday sessions, during which we have developed our life skills such as independence and logistics (eg. navigating public transport). Such schemes help us to keep in touch with friends in the club and help us to socialise. We have learned about the different needs of others on the Autistic Spectrum and how to respond to other people's individual needs, whether they are on the Spectrum or not.

On the annual summer residential, I have had the opportunity of taking part in exciting activities such as archery, kayaking, rock climbing and abseiling. We are given plenty of encouragement to face our fears and insecurities (in my case, heights!) giving us closer bonds and greater confidence and teamwork skills in our wider lives. As a history lover, I relished the opportunity to travel to Normandy , France on a trip to see the WW2 sites including Omaha Beach and a trip to Paris . I would love to go on similar trips with CASPA in the future!

I have seen the club expand to include a division for older children and young adolescents which has also benefited from taking part in the summer schemes. CASPA is a true, proud team full of fantastic people and is run by an incredibly dedicated team of staff who devote much time to making the club the best it can be for its members. I myself have developed greater social and personal skills as a result of membership and CASPA has formed an important part of my life in recent years. I am only sorry I did not join sooner!"

Jenny Sweeney, Senior Member - 2012  

“CASPA has encouraged me to independence, confidence and making friends as well as helping me be able to build my communicating skills around others and the awareness between me and my friends. It has shown me strength and weaknesses as well as helping me to move on in my career e.g. guitar and singing.


It has also allowed me to speak up to others, to know when I should ask for the right support and encouraged me to have a better future as well as being able to accept other’s opinions and to stay strong for the future.”


Heather May Harris, Senior Member - 2014

If it wasn't for CASPA, I don't think I would've gotten out of the house.

Sam Parish, Senior Member - 2014

"CASPA is such an amazing place to go to. I made a lot of amazing friends and loved ones, and I'll never let them down. I have a lot of amazing memories there. I had ups and downs in my life before I joined the club, and since the first week I been, it gave me a better social life, not just inside CASPA but outside CASPA as well.

If it wasn't for CASPA or these amazing people, I don't think I'd ever be this happy. It's just an amazing, beautiful and friendly place. I'd love to thank everyone for making me who I am today."


Rosie Donovan, Senior Member - 2014

"CASPA made me who I am today!


I spent years having to face bullying and social isolation for being different because of my behavioural and social issues caused by my Aspergers and ADHD. I would often feel alone and unwanted at school and mainstream clubs. Then I discovered CASPA who, despite my behavioural issues, believed in me and worked with me since I was just ten, not once giving up on me.


Now I am studying a BSc (Hons) degree in Paramedic Science and work at CASPA with its young people and their families. Thanks to CASPA I have a massive group of friends from both within CASPA and outside it, and all my behavioural and most of my social issues are well and truly under control. CASPA truly has a huge place in my heart, they made me who I am today and I wouldn't be in my current position without them!"


James Lisle, Member - 2014

"CASPA is indescribable with words. Its true majesty can only be realised when experiencing its immense positive atmosphere for real, first hand."


Frankie Day, Senior Member - 2014

“For the last 11 years I’ve seen people start CASPA as the insecure people that there were, and have their personality grow and blossom into their own unique character. The only way to truly know what CASPA means to people is to go there and observe.”


Sam Germaine, Senior Member - 2014

“CASPA as a youth club has made such a positive and massive difference to people with autism, Aspergers and disabilities. It made people feel accepted, warmth and feel comfortable in this surrounding. It's important for this organization to keep growing and getting the recognition from communities and sponsorship for awareness. A new exciting era awaits.”


Lewis Johnston, Former Senior Member - 2014

Parent Testimonials


"From the council’s perspective this is a cost / benefit analysis whereas the parents’ perception is that CASPA provides a service to their child that is priceless. Looking after children on the spectrum is incredibly demanding and for parents CASPA is a respite from 24 hours a day, seven days a week care. From the child’s point of view CASPA provides a place to socialise and make friends that is unavailable to them in the ordinary context of school where many are isolated by their condition. While these benefits are difficult to translate to monetary values they are absolutely real and tangible to each and every child and parent involved with CASPA."


A Beatty 


"I just wanted to give you some feedback about this years summer scheme !! Harvey only attended 4 days but every morning before hand he was so excited to go to Caspa and very happy after a busy day at Caspa he always slept well !! The staff are all so energetic and young and positive !! I feel Caspa could be supported more by the borough as it is a much needed service to children with autism and there are no other provisions within Bromley like it, mytime don't offer anything for children with autism! Give Caspa some support on behaviour management as some children have extreme behaviour during the summer holidays when there routine is completely different.


 I feel it is such a shame that CASPA have to work so hard to fund raise all the time just to stay running, they should be helped out more by the borough so they can concentrate on what they do best , when it is such a valuable service for children and parents!"


J Ward


"CASPA is great for Daniel as it is somewhere he can be his self. He likes the activities on offer and due to the support of the staff he feels confident enough to have a go at new ones. Daniel's self confidence has grown since starting CASPA and he now responds to other club members and staff without needing encouragement from my self or my husband. The residential course gave Daniel an opportunity to be independent."

T Clough


"CASPA has had an immense effect on Sophie's life. Not only does it provide a completely unique forum in which a child can socialise and be themselves in a safe non-judgmental environment but for my daughter it is the first time in her life that she has made true, genuine friends. If CASPA did nothing else, it has given my daughter the precious gift of friendship - something that 'mainstream' people take for granted every day of their lives. CASPA provides the forum and the wonderful staff and volunteers are the 'engineers' and 'facilitators' that steer these young people through the complicated world of social communication. No one else has managed to do that for my daughter. I am so so grateful."


A Rickaby-West